Happy Independence Nigeria

We want to wish all our Nigerian applicants Happy Independence day, which marks Nigeria's 62nd year of independence. CONTINUE READING

2022 Batch ‘B’ Timetable

Dear applicants, the 2022 Batch B Applicantion window is coming to an end soon and as such, we will like to outline the timetable of events to expect in the coming weeks regarding your current applicantion. CONTINUE READING

CRF Scholarship In Light Of ASUU Strike

As most applicants must be aware by now, The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria had on February 14 declared a one-month warning strike that has now snowballed into a full-blown strike affecting most of the public universities in the county. CONTINUE READING

2022 Batch “B” Scholarship Application is Open!

We are happy to announce that the 2022-B College Relief Fund Scholarship Application is now open and live. CONTINUE READING

Update User Details

As preparations for the 2022 Batch "B" scholarship season kick off for the College Relief Fund, we want to present registered applicants an opportunity to update their details on the portal. CONTINUE READING

Call for Document Verification Personnels

The College Relief Fund wishes to call on interested and qualified students who wish to join our network of Document Verification Personnel across tertiary institutions in the country. As you may be aware, during each application process, qualified scholarship applicants pass through a document verification process to ensure that they are who they claim to be and that information provided to College Relief Fund is indeed correct before disbursement of funds. CONTINUE READING

Data Rebate Eligibility List

As stated at the start of the 2022 Batch A Scholarship session, our partners have provided a data Rebate for all eligible applicants to help ease access to the internet during the registration period. CONTINUE READING

CRF 2022 Batch “A” Scholarship Awardees

With great pleasure, we announce the 4th batch (2022 A) of the College Relief Fund Scholarship awardees since its inception in 2020 excluding Mini-Lists. In line with our ultimate vision, the scholarships followed a need-based-first approach to identifying candidates. There was no guaranteed cut-off mark for the aptitude test for this batch. CONTINUE READING

Data Rebate

Our partner has approved data rebates for some College Relief Fund Scholarship applicants. This Rebate aims to ease the data needs of applicants who are MTN subscribers.Data Rebate will range from a few hundred megabytes to a maximum of 4GB per eligible applicant. CONTINUE READING

Barka Da Sallah Giveaway (Airtime Only)

It is a special day for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters and we here at College Relief Fund want to wish all of you Barka Da Sallah... CONTINUE READING

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